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Space Planning – How To Get It Right

Posted on by The Kitchen Studio

The UK has seen a huge rise in house prices over the last decade with properties soaring in value by around 90%. This rise has unfortunately priced a lot of people out of moving home so ensuring that you make the most of the space you have available is vital.

Follow these simple space planning tips to help:

The Bed:

The layout of your bedroom can have an impact on your quality of sleep, so placing the bed in the best place is vital to ensure a good night’s rest.


Tip: A double bed should be accessible from either side so place it in the centre of the room with clear access.


The Wardrobe:

If you don’t have a built-in wardrobe then this is probably the next largest piece of furniture that will be present in your room – you need to place it somewhere that has enough space to get dressed in front of but without getting in the way.


Tip: Avoid placing it directly in front of the window – blocking out a natural light source will make your room seem smaller.


Chest of Drawers:

Chest of drawers are great for additional storage for small items and clothes that don’t need to be hung in a wardrobe – they’re also great for placing mirrors or lamps on top of too!


Tip: Remember you’ll need full access to the drawers so leave enough clearance at the front in order to open.


Bedside Table:

Everyone needs somewhere to put important items before bed and you want somethings within easy reach of the bed – a good book, glasses or your mobile phone.


Tip: A bedside table shouldn’t impact on the room too much – just because you have the space, bigger isn’t always better.


Additional Seating:

It can be nice to include additional seating in your bedroom in case friends come over or you want somewhere to throw your clothes at the end of the day.


Tip: Make sure that you leave enough space to be able to manoeuvre around easily and still open wardrobes or drawers.